Bike Leasing,  how it works?

  • The employer concludes a contract with a leasing provider or a contract already exists.
  • You, as the employee, come to our shop, let us advise you and together we will find the right bike for you. 
  • We will make you an offer via the leasing provider for your desired bicycle and any accessories.
  • The transfer contract is concluded between you, your employer and the leasing provider
  • As soon as this is done, you can collect your desired bike from us. Instead of paying directly in the shop, you will be invoiced by the leasing partner.
  • Last step Bike and just have fun  

Which leasing provider do we work with?

We currently cooperate with Jobrad and Bikeleasing.

Which leasing partner is chosen is up to the employer. If your employer has a different leasing partner, please feel free to contact us. We are open to new leasing partnerships.

Important to know

  • Bike leasing is only possible with a new bike.
  • The leasing conditions and any included benefits depend on your employer and leasing provider. We have no insight into this and no influence.