Looking forward is the best joy 🙂  

Of course, you will get a briefing from us, but if you feel like it in advance, here is some information and tips on the range, shifting, braking and also touring tips.


What is one of the most frequently asked questions in the rental department? How far can I get with the e-bike 🤔 ?

This cannot be said in general, it depends on many factors. We will explain how to find out this information during your tour. But with the help of the Bosch range calculator you can get a feeling for what influences the range. Have fun with it.

Correct shifting - protects the material and your ears

Why switch? I have power support now 😉 Wrong thinking.

It always makes sense to shift gears properly!

👍 Higher range

👍 better efficiency

👍 your ears are happy – incorrect switching is noisy

👍 we are happy, because there is less material damage.  

But how do you shift gears properly – 🤷‍♂️ 

Whether with or without a motor, the principle of „smooth as possible“ is the best guide. Shifting without force is best for the bike and for your ears. But this is easier said than done 😉 Here are a few tips

  • Higher cadence with motor: For e-biking, a cadence of about 60 rpm is recommended. But what does this mean, hence our tip during the briefing: You tend to pedal faster when e-biking than without a motor. So first try shifting into an easier gear and then increase the motor assistance
  • Predictive riding/shifting: Shifting under full load is never good. Therefore „look“- and then shift: But what does this mean 🤷 ? Ride with foresight -> you see it’s going uphill, so shift into an easier gear first and then increase the motor assistance. The battery power, the chain, your ears, the material and above all us, will thank you 🤩 ?
  • „Sensitive“ gear changes ((as just mentioned), the optimum is to shift, never under full load. So take the momentum with you and initiate the gear change when you don’t have to pedal hard.
  • ABut what should I do if I have missed the point of „anticipatory“ shifting? No problem, the best thing to do at that moment is: 1. get off the bike -> 2. switch off the motor assistance -> 3. lift the saddle and -> 4 .shift more easily when stationary and pedal with your foot and in parallel select a gear that is so easy that you can start again. Alternatively, turn around and try again 😉 because it’s an e-bike
  • Nice to Know 🤩 Shifting correctly is also gentle for the material and more efficient without a motor. 

Brakes - Where you go up you must also come down again 😉

Due to the motor, you always have a headwind uphill. This opens up completely new routes for you.

But always remember that where you go up, you have to go down. 😉 Our rental bikes all have disc brakes. Due to the geographical conditions, we don’t have a coaster brake in the rental. 

But how do I brake correctly 🤷‍♂️ ?

The most important thing is to brake in the right amount. It sounds simple, but as soon as you are going downhill or the ground is loose, it is not so easy. 

You will get the best braking performance if you use the front brake as well as the rear brake. When used correctly, the front brake has a greater braking effect than the rear brake. For many this is a strange feeling at first.  Therefore, it is best to think about your tour planning in advance or ask us about a suitable tour. We will be happy to advise you. Or book a tour with riding technique with us.   

One last tip: If you are riding a long downhill section, open the brake every now and then and give it a little breather.  

Where to go? - No plan yet?

Our shop is ideal as a starting point for a tour.  The public transport connection is great and is right outside the door. If you come by car, free parking is available. So you can hop on your bike without any stress and discover the Allgäu by bike.

There is a suitable tour for everyone, from casual cyclists to mountain bikers. There are also plenty of places to stop for refreshments. You can see a few tour suggestions on the Bad Hindelang page. You can pick up the corresponding map from us or at the tourist office.

In addition to the tours mentioned there are of course many more. Oberstdorf, Sonthofener and Altstädter Hof, as well as the Alpsee are also worth a bike tour.